Awesome Clear Day where we cleaned our beautiful Neighborhood

Kilimani residents, business owners and volunteers joined hands to clean up the Kilimani neighbourhood. The community clean up event dubbed KeepKiliClean, aimed to clean up Argwing Khodhek road from Masjid Rahma Mosque in Hurlingham all the way to Kilimani Primary School, a stretch of 2kilometers.

The NCC partnership presented a unique opportunity to engage the residents and business owners at a time, when they are gearing up to towards the Solid Waste Management pilot project in Zone 7. (Zone 7 includes Kilimani, Kileleshwa). This pilot project in partnership with JICA will ensure the residents and business owners have their garbage collected by NCC through a single subcontractor. The project aims at educating on waste separation at the source, increased efficiency and improved standards of cleanliness. This project is to be replicated in Nairobi county and eventually across the country.


The clean-up activity was organized by Kilimani Project Foundation in Partnership with Help Child/Mother Organization. The Event also attracted the following bodies:-

  • Yaya Management
  • St Georges Secondary School
  • Kilimani Police Station
  • House of Manji
  • Kilimani Primary School
  • Radar Security